Got IT!

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This radical project clarifies misconceptions about Christianity and Christians in a region where they are a persecuted minority and where there is a steady flow of negative propaganda distributed about them. Through dynamic, 1-2 minute animations, Got IT takes common misconceptions that many Muslims have about Christians and Christian theology, and explains simply and clearly what Christians actually believe. It has proven to be a valuable resource to us and many other organisations across the region and beyond. We hope to produce and broadcast at least 10 episodes in 2016. 

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Jesus - Why would God have a son?
  • The Trinity - Do Christians believe in 3 Gods?
  • Sin - How can all sins count the same?
  • Salvation - Is it really as simple as believing in Jesus?

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Arabian Dawn

Arabian Dawn is a series of video testimonies from new believers in the Gulf, sharing their faith journey to Christ. It aims to reassure those who are questioning Islam and to encourage other Arab Christians that they aren’t alone. These testimonies, filmed in partnership with Arab World Media, will demonstrate that there are local, indigenous Christians in every part of the Arabian Peninsula and that they can live side by side with fellow Muslims. It also challenges the common misconception that becoming a Christian requires a total change of cultural identity. The testimonies are filmed sensitively to protect the identities of those involved and are told exclusively in their own words. Our desire is that God will use these testimonies to attract others to look more closely at the claims of Jesus and his Word. 

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