Open Arms

This project raises awareness of human trafficking and forced marriage, as well as providing rehabilitation and integration of trafficked women. We provide educational media packs and support for victims of human trafficking, providing them with access to counselling and legal advice. Using established MEM websites, we communicate about this taboo issue, highlighting the dangers and giving hope to those who have suffered in this underground industry.

Through this work we seek to make clear that the girls sold into this industry are victims who have suffered horrific ordeals and need to be loved and accepted back into their homes. Having developed an educational curriculum, we partner with local, national and international non-profit and charitable organisations, providing qualified practical support to victims and raising awareness amongst families potentially vulnerable to human traffickers.

Web TV


MEM has a team of young people developing new, relevant material for other young people in the region. We also have a huge back-catalogue of content – many of our original TV productions are still broadcast around the region on national and satellite TV stations. More recent projects, covering taboo issues such as human trafficking, HIV/AIDS and the rape of street children, are still highly relevant and need exposure in the Middle East. We are making our back catalogue available on our first ever online TV channel.