Arabian Dawn

Arabian Dawn is a series of video testimonies from believers in the Gulf, sharing their faith journey from Islam to Christianity. Produced in partnership with Arab World Media ( Read more about our work with Muslim-background believers here.

Arabian Dawn Trailer

In His Time

Hear the story of how this Omani believer found the answers he was looking for in Jesus, and join his prayer for the people of Oman.

One man's journey

A Gulf believer describes his faith journey to Christ, which started when he met a Christian colleague.

I persecuted people

A Gulf woman describes the total transformation in her life after she started following Christ.

I Believe, But

An online discipleship series for new believers in the Gulf, to answer their burning questions about their new faith and how they can live well in a Muslim-majority society.

I Believe, But... Trailer

What does grace mean?

A Gulf believer struggles with the concept of grace, particularly in a very proud society.

Got IT! 

This radical project clarifies misconceptions about Christianity and Christians. Through dynamic, 1-2 minute animations, Got IT takes common misconceptions that many Middle Eastern people have about Christians and Christian theology, and explains simply and clearly what Christians actually believe.

Understanding the Trinity

Do Christians believe in one God, or many?

Understanding the Trinity

God created everything, so creation can help us understand the Trinity.